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Using Confirmat screws:

The below are the basic steps in boring the confirmat starter holes in the cabinet side panels. For detailed instructions on using the Euro 32 Hole-Boring System to pre-bore the starter holes for confirmat screws, please click here.


1) Place work-piece against the spacers and clamp in place. 2.) Place the hole-boring template over guide pins. (Note: Place a scrap piece of wood that is the same thickness as the work-piece next to the guide rail that is opposite the work-piece - this will keep the hole-boring template level.) 3) Install the correct size router bit and set the depth as deep as possible, but not deep enough to go through the work-piece. Proceed to bore holes as specified in detail instructions.

4) After both of the ends have been bored proceed to rotate work-piece and proceed to bore the rear stretcher mounting holes.  5) Place the hole-boring template over the guide pins. 6) Bore the required holes.

This photo shows the completed cabinet side panels. The image on the left shows the exterior with the confirmat starter holes and the image on the right shows the inside surface with the system-holes. Clamp the case components together using corner cam-clamps. Install the confirmat step drill bit in your drill and proceed to  drill the holes that you started in the side panels in the above steps. The pre-bored holes will help you guide the drill bit straight into the cabinet components. Install the confirmat screws in all four corners of the cabinet and remove the corner cam-clamps.

Cabinet after all four corners are assembled.

Upper and lower rear stretchers are installed by clamping them in place and installing the confirmat screws.

Completed cabinet (less the back panel for clarity).



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